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Why is sport important ?


I want to give you the keys to achieve different goals, regardless of your level of sports, fitness and / or health, with training based on functional movements with small equipment.

The type of work and exercises will be defined by a questionnaire filled in by you and followed up by an individual meeting, by two or with your group.

By using small equipments, I put the focus on the renforcement of the different muscular groups.

It will be linked to the movements and gestures that each individual finds in his daily life or - for athletes of high level - the qualities and strengths required in their disciplines.


My status as a top athlete and my experience will lead you to your goals.


Teamwork is essential to me. You are all superheroes in progress, my workouts just release the best version of yourself.


Well-being, a better shape or an intensive physical preparation!!! Make your choice.

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