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About me

Since my earliest childhood, my goal was to become a professional basketball player. My passion for the orange ball has never stopped to burn inside of me.

This fire is still here and will remain for many years (at least I hope so). After several years playing in different championships in France and abroad, it was time to think about my life after basketball and I decided to become a personal trainer. I graduated and obtained my BPJEPS AGFF (group class, strength and muscle building) in France in December 2017.

It was my wish and a natural choice to stay in the sport world but also a desire to do something else than basketball.

I wanted to capitalize on some of my qualities that are essential to be a good personal trainer, such as rigour, pedagogy, passion, love of sports.

My knowledge about basketball high level will bring to the different athletes (because you are all athletes to me) who wants to collaborate with me, a better physical and mental condition as well as this will and this little thing that we need to excel.

I will gladly share my knowledge, and my passion for sports to all those who want to develop, get back into shape and have a better health.

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