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Batman & Robin

85 €

Ideal for all those who want to train / be or get in shape and progress in duo.


Duo work out session.


For 10 sessions package please contact me.


80 €

Unity is strenght and what is better than a small group training to achieve your goals and move mountains.


Group session 3 to 5 persons.

For 10 session package please contact me.



50 €

Perfect for anyone in a rush looking for intensity or just a well-being at lightning speed.

30 min individual session.

Mr Fantastic

50 €

Ideal moment to improve your flexibility, to find the initial length of your muscles or simply to relax.  

30 min individual stretching session. 


One one One Homework Session

70 €

Tailored training with videoconferencing wherever you are !

  • Time saving

  • Tailored training program

  • Easy organization

  • Attractive prices

All you need is a computer with a webcam, a microphone and a broadband internet connexion.

Coaching à la séance: Cours

Training session




60 minute personalized workout adaptable according to your level in order to reach your goals.


For people looking for weight loss, fitness or to get back into shape.


Solo work out session.


For 10 sessions package please contact me.

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